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From James 5, Ps. Peter tackles one of the biggest barriers to us seeing the power of God in the Western church - the distraction of our own riches and wealth.

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If you had received a prophetic word from Ps Wayne Peat on Sunday, the 8th of July, please have a listen and be reminded of God's plans for you!

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Pastor Wayne Peat from C3 Howick delivers a powerful message from Matthew 19: 16-28, challenging us to surrender to His Lordship. It begins with the heart; is a matter of trust; and means more than enough!

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Pastor Claire McLean reveals how James 4:8 invites us to draw near to God, yet also challenges us to repent and live holy.

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In this message, Ps Peter Morton looks at the difference between heavenly wisdom and earthly wisdom, and how we can tell whether the course we’re planning on taking is in line with God’s will and way.  This message also features the Grammy-nominated jingle ‘COMPASSN’ :)

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Works and deeds are the litmus test for true faith. True faith always acts! Do you talk the talk AND walk the walk?

Download this episode to listen later!
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Pastor Lyall challenges us from James 2:1 -13, to evaluate with which scales we use to weigh the worth of a human being. He tells us that God’s heart is for the poor, that we should love the rich as we love ourselves, and that we must be agents of mercy wherever we go.

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Ps Peter Morton takes us through the next section of the Book of James (1:18-25) and looks at how the promises of God usually have a timing component and why you don’t want to short-cut His process for your life!

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