From 1 John 1, pastor Peter Morton encourages us to earnestly seek God's face. He places emphasis on how much we actually NEED God - who wants to fill the church with Faith, Hope and Love - so we can reach out and impact the World for Christ. To position ourselves for regular encounters with God, Peter elaborates on a term used in Rugby: Touch - Pause - Engage.

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David & Greta Peters minister powerfully in the area of healing, Holy Spirit power and equipping people to live a supernatural life.  If you've ever been in a season of suffering and struggled to understand the plan of God, David & Greta have an amazing life testimony that's going to inspire and encourage you!

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We were incredibly blessed to have our HKC Youth TAKEOVER church on Sunday! They gave us a taste of some of the fun that happens on a Friday night as well as an awesome worship time and 5 amazing speakers!

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The woman came to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ dead body - but the angel said ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?’.  Ps Peter Morton talks about how the way to God is not through our own ways - trying to dress up something that’s dead - but through encountering the reality of a living Saviour!

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The cross was the most brutal method of execution, and yet it stands as the most powerful demonstration of love.  Ps Peter Morton shares how God’s love through Christ never stops reaching out the hopeless case of humanity.

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God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Pastor Claire McLean shows us how to look back, look in, look out and look up to discover your calling and occupy your occupation.

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We don’t always get to choose what happens to us in life, but we can choose how we respond.  Ps Peter shares from the story of Joseph, and uncovers the keys that enabled Joseph to end up running the prison he was cast into, and set the conditions for him to influence the entire nation of Egypt!

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Len Buttner is a recognised prophetic voice in our nation and moves powerfully in the word of knowledge. If you received a word from Len this Sunday, here it is to listen to again.

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Len Buttner is a recognised prophetic voice in our nation and moves powerfully in the word of knowledge. As always, Len shares straight from the Father-heart of God a message that is relevant for His children today!

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Your life isn’t just an accident or random chance - God creates us uniquely as people, and He puts us in places and positions to accomplish His purpose.  Ps Peter shares about how your the plan for your life isn’t ‘evolution’ but instead it's ‘intelligent design’!

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