Vision can transform your day from ordinary to extraordinary! Pastor Claire encourages us to let our hearts be occupied by the heart of God for the people in our world of influence; that revival begins with us; to serve well -as unto the Lord - AND we should stand spiritually grounded against insecurities, fear and doubt that would seek to sabotage our sense of identity and calling!

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God has given us a front row seat to His plans and purposes in our workplaces, families, schools and friendships! Pastor Peter Morton explains how it's not just an 'occupation'... it's heaven occupying our occupation!

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Your job isn't just what you do to pay the bills.  Your family and friends, your schools and clubs aren't just people that you live with and places that you attend.  You're a minister of Christ 24/7 and God has positioned you for a front row seat to see His Kingdom to advance wherever you go!  Ps Peter Morton brings an inspiring word about how your job isn't just an 'occupation' but an 'OCCUPATION'!

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As we reach the conclusion of another year, it's natural to look back and evaluate... but sometimes our measuring stick needs evaluation itself! Ps Peter Morton looks at how we keep what matters in focus, both looking back and dreaming forward!

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David & Greta Peters minister powerfully in the area of healing, Holy Spirit power and equipping people to live a supernatural life. If you’ve ever been in a season of suffering and struggled to understand the plan of God, David & Greta have an amazing life testimony that  will inspire and encourage you!

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To reach a place of independence and self-sufficiency is an unashamed goal of our generation – yet for all our attempts to be free of needing others, as a nation we’ve become more lonely and isolated than ever. Ps Peter unlocks some powerful truths on true community – which is at the very centre of who God is – and see how there’s a way to live our lives that better and more fulfilling than we ever could have dreamed!

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Throughout life, we can find ourselves wearing labels which aren't what God says about us. Pastor Annika shares on how we can step out from believing these things and enable others to do the same.

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Pastor Peter Morton continues with our series on identity this week — looking at what it means that God has called us to be ‘priests’.

So is the call just for a select few — or for everyone?  Do we need to start wearing ‘collars and flowing robes’ or does God have something else in mind?  Join us as he gives a fantastic insight into what God has already given you, what He’s calling you to and how your world can be transformed as you start to see yourself in a new way.

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Sam Twyman continues our series on identity as she explains how the battle for identity is real.  Who is the real me?  How do I find the real me?

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 For many, the word ‘saint’ conjures up images of a level of holiness and purity that is beyond the reach of most people.  And yet, when we come to Christ, God now sees us no longer as sinners, but as saints!  Discover how this powerful truth can radically change the way you see yourself and how you walk in the world around you. Ps Peter Morton brings the next installment in our ‘Identity’ series – ‘I AM A SAINT’.

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