From 1 John 1, pastor Peter Morton encourages us to earnestly seek God's face. He places emphasis on how much we actually NEED God - who wants to fill the church with Faith, Hope and Love - so we can reach out and impact the World for Christ. To position ourselves for regular encounters with God, Peter elaborates on a term used in Rugby: Touch - Pause - Engage.

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We were incredibly blessed to have our HKC Youth TAKEOVER church on Sunday! They gave us a taste of some of the fun that happens on a Friday night as well as an awesome worship time and 5 amazing speakers!

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God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Pastor Claire McLean shows us how to look back, look in, look out and look up to discover your calling and occupy your occupation.

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We don’t always get to choose what happens to us in life, but we can choose how we respond.  Ps Peter shares from the story of Joseph, and uncovers the keys that enabled Joseph to end up running the prison he was cast into, and set the conditions for him to influence the entire nation of Egypt!

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Your life isn’t just an accident or random chance - God creates us uniquely as people, and He puts us in places and positions to accomplish His purpose.  Ps Peter shares about how your the plan for your life isn’t ‘evolution’ but instead it's ‘intelligent design’!

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Ps Peter Morton draws on the experience of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and shares what it means for us as believers to stand up! Learn about the difference between being difficult, being a doormat and being devoted... and why more often than not, the fire we fear can actually be our path to freedom.

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Ps Sanjai from City Church, Waitakere is the visionary behind the Auckland Prayer Breakfast and the As One combined church initiative which saw over 2000 people come together from churches in West Auckland for worship and prayer. He's a dynamic and hilarious speaker with a burning heart for a move of God and brings a message of encouragement: "Don't just 'make a living' - make a difference!"

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God has great callings on each of our lives. To succeed publicly, we must ensure our personal lives are strong. Integrity protects us for longevity in life. Pastor Annika looks at 3 challenges Gideon had to face before he could step out into the victory God had for him! So often we must overcome battles at home, before we can see battles won in our world!

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When it comes to our lives and jobs, having a heart of resolve let's us see the doors that God is opening up. But it's HONOUR that opens up the doors! Discover how this powerful weapon of HONOUR can unlock the hearts of those around your life - and especially the hearts of our bosses, employers, teachers and those in positions of authority.

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Vision can transform your day from ordinary to extraordinary! Pastor Claire encourages us to let our hearts be occupied by the heart of God for the people in our world of influence; that revival begins with us; to serve well -as unto the Lord - AND we should stand spiritually grounded against insecurities, fear and doubt that would seek to sabotage our sense of identity and calling!

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God has given us a front row seat to His plans and purposes in our workplaces, families, schools and friendships! Pastor Peter Morton explains how it's not just an 'occupation'... it's heaven occupying our occupation!

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