For those who received an encouraging prophetic word by Ps Peter Morton on 30/09/18

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Ps Kevin Forlong brings a powerful message on faith and expectancy for God to move, and calls The River into a new season of harvest and growth.  

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Your job isn't just what you do to pay the bills.  Your family and friends, your schools and clubs aren't just people that you live with and places that you attend.  You're a minister of Christ 24/7 and God has positioned you for a front row seat to see His Kingdom to advance wherever you go!  Ps Peter Morton brings an inspiring word about how your job isn't just an 'occupation' but an 'OCCUPATION'!

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As we reach the conclusion of another year, it's natural to look back and evaluate... but sometimes our measuring stick needs evaluation itself! Ps Peter Morton looks at how we keep what matters in focus, both looking back and dreaming forward!

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Did you know that in Christ you're a NEW CREATION?!  The old has gone and the new has come!  But what does that actually mean for us, how does it change the way we see ourselves, and how we relate to one another. Listen in to another great teaching by Pastor Peter, and learn the new motto: "I am not my dog!"

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God has chosen you to reach out to your world. Be encouraged by our awesome Youth Pastor, Claire McLean, to leave your past, present and perceptions at the foot of the cross and walk in the freedom Jesus gives you!

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 Sam Twyman challenges us to be faithful with what God has entrusted to us and explore what stops us from making the most of what we have been given.

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The Bible calls us to 'guard our hearts' because our actions and direction flow out from what's going on in our heart. Be encouraged with Ps Annika Morton speaking into this vital area of our lives.

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Ps Peter Morton shares a vital key for staying in the will, presence and blessing of God this year.

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A new year is filled with new possibilities.  Ps Claire explores some the ways that we can maximize our influence and growth, making the most of the opportunities God has for us this year.

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In our first church service for 2017, Ps Peter Morton speaks on 'Moving Mountains' and how to get victory in the struggle areas of your life. With God, all things are possible!

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God has called us all to be leaders - in society, in our workplace, our schools, our homes and our relationships.  But what are the qualities of a great leader?  Join us this Sunday morning as Ps Peter Morton shares leadership and life keys from the life of King David.

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This Sunday morning, we're beginning our short series called 'Begin Again' - and Ps Peter will be bringing a great message called 'Reboot Your Life'!  

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This Sunday morning , it's our last church meeting for 2015!  Join us as we look back at this year, and Ps Peter looks ahead to some of the great things in store for The River in 2016 and about 'staying sane in the silly season'!  

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This Sunday morning  - Ps Dean will be looking at the connection between your passion, your purpose and your prosperity and the role that Gods grace plays between them all. Could it be that some of your hobbies and interests are actually part of your destiny and may even unlock new streams of income for you and your family?

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This Sunday morning we celebrate Easter!  We celebrate the victory of Jesus over sin and death. Through Jesus we have access to a resurrected life. Ps Philippa Smyth will be speaking about how to live this even when our days are hard and seem anything but a Resurrection day! 

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This Sunday morning - encounter the presence of God.  Pastor Annika will be speaking for the first time in 2015, from 2 Kings 4

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This Sunday morning we will be encountering the presence of God.  Pastor Peter will be speaking for the first time in 2015 about the different gifts in your life from God

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This Sunday morning we will be encountering the presence of God.  Pastor Dean will be speaking for the first time in 2015 about walking into God's promised land.

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Pastor Pete talks about the faith we hold in relation to resurrection Sunday!

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