Ps Peter Morton brings the last part of our series on spiritual gifts from 1 Corinthians 12 - looking at prophecy, the gift of tongues, and the interpretation of tongues.  

Direct download: 23-11-26_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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How do we have vision? Stop looking backwards, and not only set goals but achieve goals. Ps Claire helps us get clear on life, vision and goal setting God's way.

Direct download: 20231126_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps James Anson shared a challenging message on what it means to be a disciple and how we can live this out in our daily lives. 

Direct download: 23-11-19_Ps_James_Anson.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares the importance of keeping the foundation strong and to make the best out of our different seasons in life to have success in the future and to finish strong. 

Direct download: 20231119_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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The Holy Spirit gives gifts for everyday Christians to use in their everyday world to show people the goodness and greatness of God. Ps Claire shows us how we can step out and see God step in!

Direct download: 23-11-12_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Pastor Peter Morton brings the last part of our series on spiritual gifts from 1 Corinthians 12 - looking at prophecy, the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. 

Direct download: 20231112_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares about the 3 Insight gifts of the Holy Spirit how to access Word of wisdom, gift of discernment and word of knowledge and operate in these gifts. 

Direct download: 20231105_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Len is a recognised prophetic voice in our nation and always brings a powerful and timely word. He shared how we are to be ready with the touch of the father and how we should move out love. 

Direct download: 23-11-05_Ps_Len_Buttner.mp3
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Prophetic words shared by Len Buttner to individuals. 

Direct download: 20231029_Prophecies__Len_Buttner.mp3
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Len Buttner brings a prophetic message about the God of Restoration and the new thing He is doing in the body of Christ. 

Direct download: 20231029_Len_Buttner.mp3
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Ps Peter continues our series in the Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - this week looking at the Word of Knowledge, the Word of Wisdom and Discerning Of Spirits.  

Direct download: 23-10-29_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares about the 3 Power gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are faith, healings and miracles and how to access these gifts to get it activated in a believers life. 

Direct download: 0231022_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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The Christian life is a life of power!  Ps Peter Morton brings the first part of our new series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit outlined in 1 Corinthians 12, and how the Holy Spirit gifts are for every believer and are different from the motivational and ministry gifts.  

Direct download: 23-10-22_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Every one has been given a gift! Pastor Judy Dawson starts the series talking about the different types of gifts from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to equip and to build the body of Christ. So how to come eagerly to His presence to receive His gifts without limitation. 

Direct download: 20231015_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares about the grace of God that bridged us from worthlessness to wrathful and has empowered us to fulfill His Kingdom plans for our individual lives. 

Direct download: 20231008_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares on the link between how we live in this life and the rewards that are promised in heaven.

Direct download: 23-10-08_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Pastor Annika shares 4 keys on how we can deal with critical attitudes and see others as made in the image of God - despite our differences!

Direct download: 20231001_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Our motivation isn't all just up to us!  Ps Peter Morton shares from Philippians 2 about how God WILLS and ACTS within us.  

Direct download: 23-10-01_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares how like Abraham, God grows our faith through the promises that He gives us.

Direct download: 20230924_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Annika looks at the remarkable friendship of David and Jonathan and shares 4 keys on how to have strong friendships today, while looking beyond ourselves.

Direct download: 23-09-24_Ps_Annika.mp3
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With the political season in full swing, Pastor Lyall explores our place in politics through Jesus’ discussion with the Pharisees and Herodians found in Mark 12:13 - 17. We will see Christ’s call to stay engaged but unattached, to resist partisanship, and our call to the upside down revolution.

Direct download: 23-09-17_Ps_Lyall.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares from the life of Mary of Bethany how to keep Jesus in His rightful place and to break open before Him to carry the fragrance of Christ. 

Direct download: 20230917_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Listen to the powerful message from Jasmine Fidow-Maiava about looking back at the faithfulness of God and walking forward towards Hope. Faith is walking into something bigger than us! 

Direct download: 20230910_Jasmine_Fidow.mp3
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Ps Peter took a different approach to the parable of the Sower by sharing how the seed can be planted in our lives but like the seed that fell on the soil with weeds, that seed can be choked by the worries of this life, deceitfulness of wealth, and desires for other things. As he shares these 3 points, we learn how we can avoid the choke of the weeds and grow stronger in the Lord. 

Direct download: 23-09-10_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares a message not just for Dad's but for everyone from Daniel 3 on how times of fire and hardship can actually bring about the best in our lives, show us what matters, and be a catalyst for demonstrating God's reality and power to others.  

Direct download: 23-09-03_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Chris Dawson brings the Father's Day message from the life of the religious leader Jairus who sought Jesus in the middle of his crisis. He encourages the fathers to run to the presence of God in trouble to see victory.  

Direct download: 20230903_Chris_Dawson.mp3
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Ever felt insecure or inadequate? Discouraged and feeling empty? Got problems that only a miracle can fix? John 2 shows us what can happen when we come to Jesus, the One who can do superabundantly more than we can ask.

Direct download: 23-08-27_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Judy Dawson brings the message on the greatest commandment to love the Lord with ALL.  When Jesus came He did not come with rules but He came with oil in his hand like a Good Samaritan as an example for us replicate Love. 

Direct download: 20230827_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Judy Dawson shares from one of the parables of Jesus, how to activate the Kingdom of God in all the areas of our lives like the yeast so we can be effective in both the visible and Invisible world around us. 

Direct download: 20230820_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ever find you can't get life 'sorted'? One thing works and then another falls over?  Why can't God just give us a clear run in life?  Ps Peter Morton speaks from John 15 about God's purpose in pruning our lives and how it actually demonstrates His love and best for us. 

Direct download: 23-08-20_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from John 3 about what it means to be 'born again' and why it's so vital for our walk as Christians.

Direct download: 20230812_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Annika continued our Words in Red series by sharing 4 ways we can deal with our critical attitudes and how to speak out of love.

Direct download: 23-08-13_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from Matthew 6 about the Christian discipline of fasting - what is it, why we should do it and what's important to remember.  

Direct download: 23-08-06_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor James Anson brings a powerful message on the restorative work of God in our lives and how God makes each of us a living stone in God's Kingdom. 

Direct download: 20230806_Ps_James_Anson.mp3
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We were fortunate enough to have some of our awesome River Youthies share on our new church series, Words In Red - what Jesus said in the bible. Zach, Asher, Reanna and Jaden focused on how we should receive the Word, shine our light, understand that God hasn't given up on you yet, and how He is a father not an algorithm.

Direct download: 23-07-30_Youth_Service.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares from the Beatitudes, how the Kingdom principle works differently from the earthly principle. Ways to attract heavenly justice and blessings and be effective in shining His light to the world around us. 

Direct download: 20230730_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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God places dreams in our hearts, and Ps Symon Drake encourages us to find these dreams and pursue them. He shares how we are to dream like "little children" (Matthew 18:3) as he gives us four aspects to dreaming, and what it requires. 

Direct download: 23-07-23_Ps_Symon_Drake.mp3
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Pastor Chris Dawson brings a key message on how to overcome the internal fights before we face Goliath in our lives. 

Direct download: 20230722_Chris_Dawson.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson brings the message on how to speak words of faith into the future, stay resilient in midst of uncertainty and things to get rid of before we could step into the future which God has prepared for each one of us. 

Direct download: 20230715_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from the account of Jacob's dream - the importance of stopping, resting and sleep as a vital way for us to position ourselves for an encounter with God.  

Direct download: 23-07-16_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Pastor Morton brings the next part of the "Faith Forward" series - sharing keys for walking through pain and hardship , and how to emerge as an overcomer rather than a victim. 

Direct download: 20230708_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Chris Dawson shares the importance of trusting in God’s word which produces miracles, though there is delay in the process.

Direct download: 20230701_Chris_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Annika shares 3 keys on how we can grow our faith through the word of God; by immersing ourselves in it, letting it transform us, and to let it be a constant reminder to us. 

Direct download: 23-07-09_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Sometimes our hope for the future can be hindered by the painful and challenging circumstances that we face. Through these Scriptures my prayer is that they will be a salve for the present, a gift from the past, and help you to delight in your destination.

Direct download: 23-07-02_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson brings a message on keeping faith in the middle of the storm. Every fragment pieces of our lives can become a story to bless others who are lost. 

Direct download: 20230625_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Wayne Peat has been in ministry for over 30 years and is a real father in the faith who moves freely in the prophetic. The River was fortunate to have Ps Wayne Peat share about the core of our issues and some keys on how to release the chains they have on our lives.

Direct download: 23-06-25_Ps_Wayne_Peat.mp3
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Pastor Peter Morton brings the final message on the Change series, with 4 top tips from Proverbs on how we can be good stewards with what God gives us. 

Direct download: 20230618_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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In Part 2 of our Faith Forward series Ps Claire encourages us that we can have faith in God, and unshakable confidence that God has the power and can set us free from our past, from limiting beliefs and from any habit that holds our attention.

Direct download: 23-06-18_Ps_Claire.mp3
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Julia Grace, the Tui award-winning singer-songwriter and a qualified Mental Wellness speaker, brings an encouraging word how to be kind to your mind.

Direct download: 20230611_Julia_Grace.mp3
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All of us have moments in life where we wonder why... why has this happened, why me, and in many cases - God, why didn't you do something?  Ps Peter Morton shows us how we can hold on to faith in the middle of unsettling times and even in the moments where it seems like God has not answered.  

Direct download: 23-06-11_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings the final part of our 'Change' series on finances - challenging us to look at the big picture of our lives and what a 'successful life' really means.  

Direct download: 23-06-04_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares that generous giving comes from a generous mindset, and different ways to develop a generous mindset.

Direct download: 20230604_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares the biblical principles of tithing and how it activates blessings by honoring God with our first tenth.


Direct download: 20230528_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Pastor Annika continues our series on Change, with 5 top tips from Proverbs on how we can be good stewards with what God gives us.

Direct download: 23-05-28_Ps_Annika.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson brings the message on how to keep the finance in its right place by keeping  God above money.  

Direct download: 20230521_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter discusses a biblical approach to tithing and its relevance for us today in the 21st century. 

Direct download: 23-05-21_Ps_Peter.mp3
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A Mother's Day message that is applicable to everyone! Annika shares about what we can learn from the life of Tabitha and the importance of loving those around us!

Direct download: 23-05-14_Ps_Annika.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson brings the Mother's Day message to find the identity of a woman according to God's word, and how to know themselves and know the kids individually. Also, the role men play in a woman's life. 

Direct download: Judy_Dawson_20230513.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares from 1 John chapter 4 & 5 about the demonstrative love of the Father as an example for us to live an overcoming life. 

Direct download: 20230506_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings the first part of our new series on money and finances, and discusses the difference between money and mammon and how to break the power of mammon over our lives.  

Direct download: 23-05-07_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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With water baptisms happening this morning, Ps Peter Morton shares on the link between baptisms and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, and the three areas of faith that they had to engage with to move into all that God had for them.  

Direct download: 23-04-30_Ps_Peter.mp3
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We live in a world with struggles. Pastor Wayne Peat shares how to live the abundant life overcoming the battles in the supernatural.  

Direct download: 20230430_Ps_Wayne_Peat.mp3
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How do we know when our faith has come alive?  Ps Peter Morton brings the 8 evidences for living faith from the final chapter of 1 John.  

Direct download: 23-04-23_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares from 1 John 3, how we are called to live differently in the world around us revealing the love of the father as His sons and daughters. 

Direct download: Judy_Dawson_20230423.mp3
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How do we have strong convictions and yet continue to foster strong relationships with other believers who see things differently?  Ps Peter Morton shares John's insights and a vision for what God wants to show the world through the church.  

Direct download: 23-04-16_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Chris Dawson shares the need for repositioning our lives before we get greater strength to see the next level of God's blessings in our lives. 

Direct download: Ps_Chris_Dawson_20230415.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares on why it matters so much that 'Jesus has risen' - not just 2000 years ago, but that He is alive and well and involved in our lives today.  

Direct download: 23-04-09_Ps_Peter.mp3
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As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, Ps Claire takes a look at how 4 of the statements Jesus made on the cross impact who we are, how we show up in the world, and can have real peace today.

Direct download: 23-04-09_Ps_Claire.mp3
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The Bible is just as relevant today as it was when it was first written thousands of years ago.  In this message, Ps Peter Morton shares 'The Apostle John's 10 Life Hacks' - a summary of 1 John 2.

Direct download: 23-04-02_Ps_Peter_PUKE.mp3
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In our latest message in the Illuminate series Pastor Claire speaks on how God defines who we are, what we do and how we love. Drawing from 1 John 3 she shows how God's love is the defining characteristic of who we are and how we are to love others.

Direct download: 23-04-02_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Bijoy shares from Mark 5:21 about how just like Jesus raised a dead girl and healed a sick woman, he too can help our impossible situations by using our pain and challenges to get us closer to him - so he can shape our lives. 

Direct download: 23-03-26_Ps_Bijoy.mp3
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The Bible is just as relevant today as it was when it was first written thousands of years ago.  In this message, Ps Peter Morton shares 'The Apostle John's 10 Life Hacks' - a summary of 1 John 2.

Direct download: 23-03-26_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Judy Dawson shares from 1 John 1, the importance of walking in the light and how our lives need to match with the truth we believe. 

Direct download: 20230318_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter brings the first part of our illuminate series in 1 John by looking at chapter one and revealing how God is light, and how that truth can massively impact our lives.

Direct download: 23-03-19_Ps_Peter.mp3
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Pastor Chris Dawson shares an encouraging word from the life of Joseph, how God gave him victory in all circumstances. 

Direct download: 20230312-_Ps_Chris.mp3
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In a culture that is choked with busyness, time is one of the most precious gifts that we can give. Through the lives of Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha we will see the impact of investing time into someone’s life. We will observe the quiet power of being, crafting a familiar echo, and how to build shade in the world to come.

Direct download: 23-03-12_Ps_Lyall.mp3
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Ps Judy Dawson shares how to remove the anxiety of the unknown when it comes to discipleship. CLEAR steps to keep in mind when running a discipleship group. 


Direct download: 20230503_-_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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In the next part of our 'Ripple Effect' series on discipleship, Ps Peter Morton shows how you can use the H.E.A.R. journalling process to help you turn what you read in Scripture into practical, life-changing action during the week.

Direct download: 23-03-05_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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How do we become disciples who make disciples?  Ps Claire explores how to be sowers in our everyday lives, seeking God and seeing where people are at on the journey of faith.

Direct download: 23-02-26_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 11:53am +12

Ps Peter Morton shared the next part of our Ripple Effect series and shows the plan of Jesus to make us ‘fishers for people’ and how anyone can easily and effectively pass their faith on to someone else.

Direct download: 23-02-20_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 11:00am +12

Pastor Judy Dawson shares the next part of the Ripple effect series, Discipleship is for everyone to follow and to pass on their faith to someone at their arms reach.

Direct download: 20230218_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton kicks off our new church series 'The Ripple Effect', sharing why every believer is called to disciple others and teach them about Jesus. 

Direct download: 23-02-12_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 12:42pm +12

Pastor Judy Dawson shares one of the foundational truth about Christianity is the great commission to make Disciples. To find out more about God’s plan for the Church and the mark of a true disciple, please listen. 

Direct download: 2023-02-12_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
Category:Pukekohe -- posted at: 9:36am +12

Pastor Chris Dawson shares how to have the audacious faith to ask, seek and to knock without giving up.

Direct download: 20230205_Ps_Chris_Dawson.mp3
Category:Pukekohe -- posted at: 3:08pm +12

So often we have thoughts and dreams of things we'd like to do but we put them on hold. Pastor Annika authentically shares 3 ways on how you can 'Get Your Brave On' and step out into the unknown! 

Direct download: 23-02-05_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 11:11am +12

Ps Lyall shares about the Prodigal Son, and how we too can be like the father in the story by being someone who recognises people from "a long way off" by getting to know them. He shares how we are meant to be a priesthood of ALL believers, and what a difference knowing someone can make.

Direct download: 23-01-29_Ps_Lyall.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 2:11pm +12

All of us face difficult and painful seasons when we're believing God for something. But how do we respond when it gets tough? Ps Peter Morton encourages us to not give up easily when testing times come. 

Direct download: 20230129_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Judy Dawson shares a faithfilled encouraging message about the God who restores the broken and the lost blessings of the present and our past.

Direct download: God_of_Restoration.mp3
Category:Pukekohe -- posted at: 1:36pm +12

Western Christian looks, sounds, smells, and tastes a lot like the consuming culture it finds itself in. We’ve become Christian consumers before God, the world, and not yet Jesus followers. We have become a priesthood of all consumers.

Ps Lyall explores how we return to our called position and posture before God and the world. How we will rediscover our call to the priestly position, to a posture of praise, and how we must become a good exile.

Direct download: 23-01-22_Ps_Lyall.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 12:56pm +12

Pastor Judy Dawson shares from Psalms 23, how to see Jesus as our good friend and Shepherd in all the circumstances for the year 2023.

Direct download: 2023-01-15_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
Category:Pukekohe -- posted at: 10:06am +12

Ps Peter shares on the blessing that comes from serving others, and how a key to getting started is shifting from a 'reservoir' mindset to a 'river' mindset.  

Direct download: 23-01-15_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 8:45am +12

Ps Judy Dawson shares, there are 2 ways to thank the Lord and how to re-write our thank you list according to Psalms 103 to stay on top of all our circumstances. 

Direct download: 23-01-08_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 1:00pm +12

As we start 2023 today many of us are looking to see something change in our lives in this coming year. In this message, Ps Peter Morton gives us a spiritual key and a practical key to bring real and sustainable transformation both internally and externally.

Direct download: 23-01-01_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 12:57pm +12

Ps Judy Dawson shares about the greatest gift the humanity has ever received and we can continue to re-present this gift of Jesus to others and how to represent Him through our lives this Christmas.  

Direct download: 22-12-25_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares a key part of our church vision for 2023, to be disciples who make disciples.  Identifying some of the misconceptions around what discipleship means, Peter outlines a simple and straightforward strategy that anyone can do.

Direct download: 22-12-18_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Pakuranga -- posted at: 12:47pm +12

Pastor Judy Dawson talks about the Supernatural God right from His birth, the impossible plans He has for His children and the supernatural ways he leads us through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Direct download: 2022-12-18_Ps_Judy_Dawson.mp3
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All relationships start with trust. Ps Chris Dawson shares from Luke 5, how to build relationship through trust to see the blessing of the Lord. 

Direct download: 2022-12-11_Ps_Chris_Dawson.mp3
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We can learn from the wisdom and grace of those who have walked through things before us, and we have the opportunity to gain encouragement in the areas of our lives where we may feel unsure. Today's panel covers the topic of relationships; from singleness to marriage, relationships within the workplace, with the church, and how to deal with difficult relationships. 

Direct download: 22-12-11_The_Panel.mp3
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We can learn from the wisdom and grace of those who have walked through things before us, and we have the opportunity to gain encouragement in the areas of our lives where we may feel unsure. Today's panel covers the topic of relationships; from singleness to marriage, relationships within the workplace, with the church, and how to deal with difficult relationships. 

Direct download: 22-12-11_The_Panel.mp3
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Ps Judy Dawson shares practical ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships and how to deal conflict with grace. 

Direct download: 2022-12-04_Ps_judy_Dawson.mp3
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