Ps Peter Morton shares out of the account of Elisha and the axehead that floated - showing that God cares about us personally and wants to get involved in both the big things and the small things in our lives.  

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Living supernaturally can be like walking on water. Ps Claire McLean asks the question, Will we choose to stay safe or step out of the boat?

Direct download: 20201115_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Paul Saunders (Hope Centre, Lower Hutt) shares a powerful message on how God's vision and thoughts about our lives are so much higher than ours.  Instead of dragging God's Word down to our current experience, Ps Paul encourages us to lift our expectation up to the level of His promise to us.  

Direct download: 20201108_Ps_Paul_Saunders.mp3
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Christianity is the only faith in the world where a personal God wants to speak personally to us!  Ps Peter Morton shares about how God wants to speak to us personally, about our life currently and future destiny, and the steps that we can take to walk in His plans for our lives.  

Direct download: 20201101_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Annika speaks into some of the things which seek to weigh us down and kill the potential that God has put within us. She gives 3 keys on how we can truly live in freedom, letting go of our "stuff" from years ago and today, so we can run the race God has before us.
Direct download: 20201025_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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If you received a prophetic word from Len Buttner on Sunday 18th October you will be able to listen to it here. 

Direct download: 20201018_Ps_Len_Buttner_Prophetic_Words.mp3
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Listen to Len Buttner's encouraging word here

Direct download: 20201018_Ps_Len_Buttner.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares on the power of speaking out the promises of God over your life, and gives 5 reasons that you'll want to make this a part of your daily routine.  

Direct download: 20201011_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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In light of the upcoming election, Pastor Lyall looks at the reasons why Christians should be involved in the political process, how voting morally is more than ACE and that politics is more than voting.

Direct download: 20201004_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares 4 things that you can only get 'on the mountain' in your personal time with God and inspires us to make the space for daily time with God in our lives.  

Direct download: 20200927_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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In an ever changing and uncertain world it is hard sometimes to know how to respond to what life throws at you. As we look at the life of King David we will discover that we can respond either with a slingshot or a sonnet.

Direct download: 20200823_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Sometimes in life we can keep our faith but lose our hope. Ps Peter Morton shares powerful keys on how to get your hope back again.

Direct download: 20200816_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares on the difference between being either FAITHFUL or FRUITFUL with the gifts and talents that God has given us, and challenges us to think about impact that goes beyond just our lifetime.  

Direct download: 20200809_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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To run our race we've got to know we're called and what lane to run in. Ps Claire explores how every generation matters and has a part to play in the big picture of God.
Direct download: 20200802_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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In our first message in the 'Every Generation' series, Ps Peter Morton shares on the keys to living an unstoppable life.

Direct download: 20200726_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from Acts 4, the second time that the Holy Spirit came powerfully upon the early church, and why regularly experiencing the Holy Spirit's power and presence is absolutely vital to our spiritual growth.  

Direct download: 20200719_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Annika shares a timely message on three areas we need to to hit Reset on as we go forward. What things should we take into this next season from lockdown and what parts of Covid Culture do we need to leave behind?

Direct download: 20200712_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Ps Claire McLean shares on how Jesus, the rock, brings us victory when we are facing battles, giants and difficult situations.

Direct download: 20200705_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Wayne Peat shares from Philippians 4 on how we can turn fear into prayer which then brings peace.

Direct download: 20200628_Ps_Wayne_Peat.mp3
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In the concluding chapter of Peter’s letter to the exiles, the Apostle makes a last ditch appeal to the leaders and members of the churches he is writing to. He pleads with them to consider their hands, the knee and the Light as they learn to lead through serving.

Direct download: 20200621_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from 1 Peter 4 about how to walk through and respond to 'fiery ordeals' in our lives.  

Direct download: 20200614_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares from 1 Peter 4:1-11 and challenges us to make a fresh rededication of our lives to the will of God and to the local church for this next season and our 'new normal'.  
Direct download: 20200607_-_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings the next part of our series in 1 Peter, dealing with what to do when people treat us badly, how to be ready to share our faith, and Jesus' desire to reach all people
Direct download: 20200531_-_Peter_Morton.mp3
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For our Mother’s Day service, Ps Annika Morton shares a powerful message on pivoting your life well

Direct download: 20200510_-_Mothers_Day_Annika.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings the next part in our series on 1 Peter - focussing in on how we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood and a holy nation

Direct download: 20200503_Ps_Peter_Morton_Pakuranga.mp3
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Ps Peter brings the next part of our series on 1 Peter - looking at the hope of Jesus' return and what that means for how we live our lives today.  

Direct download: 20200426_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings the first part of our new series in the book of 1 Peter, looking at the hope we have, the shield that surrounds us and how hard times reveal true faith.

Direct download: 200419_-_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Claire McLean shares an encouraging message for Easter Sunday

Direct download: 20200412_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Lyall Carter shares a message for Good Friday

Direct download: 20200412_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton talks about one of the key components of Jesus being King of our lives - trusting Him, and how to overcome fear and anxiety.  

Direct download: 20200315_PS_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Claire challenges us to live life in the light so that the people in our world see that God is real. Living in the light means we also let God's light shine in our dark places as we let God transform and mature us.

Direct download: 20200308_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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In order for us to move from simply being content in our faith to being compelled to share our faith, we have to be CONVINCED of what we believe.  Ps Peter Morton looks at how Moses responds to God's calling and outlines the 5 areas that we need to be convinced in, in order to move from content to compelled.  

Direct download: 20200301_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Kevin Forlong shares 3 critical truths to embrace stretch.

Direct download: 20200223_Kevin_Forlong.mp3
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In the first part of our new series, Ps Peter Morton shares Jesus’ plan for influencing the world and the practical steps we can take.

Direct download: 20200216_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton encourages to not let our gifts collect dust but rather to grow fruit. 

Direct download: 20200209_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Sometimes God brings along opportunities in the midst of the mundane. Pastor Annika shares on how things can change in our lives, when we say Yes to the things God has for us. In the big and small decisions that we make, we will see unexpected moments become breakthroughs for us!

Direct download: 20200202_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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At this time of the year we focus on our own goals and self improvement. But this year we can also commit to find the gold in others, call it out, and walk with others in it.

Direct download: 20200126_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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As we start a new year, we're often making decisions and plans based on our evaluation of how last year went.  But have we ever considered the patterns and outcomes of a longer period of time in our lives?  Ps Peter Morton shares practical insights from a 10 year viewpoint on life - and what he learned about himself and God by keeping a daily diary for the last decade.  

Direct download: 20200119_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Let's fix our focus on the main thing - knowing God and making Him known. Ps Claire shares about avoiding distractions so we don't get derailed as we pursue God's purposes for our lives.

Direct download: 20200112_PS_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares God's plan for life in His church from 1 Corinthians 12:25, and the most simple and effective way for us to play our part.

Direct download: 20191222_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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In our changing culture its becoming increasingly difficult to engage people with the Gospel. But in Acts 2:44 - 47 we discover a way. An ancient path of oneness and togetherness that brings forth a testimony that draws people to Jesus. It’s a roast lamb and Hitchcock kinda way.

Direct download: 20191215_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton shares God's plan for life in His church from 1 Corinthians 12:25, and the most simple and effective way for us to play our part.

Direct download: 20191215.Ps.Peter.Morton.mp3
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When faced with difficulties, we have a choice to make - to be ones filled with Hopeful Expectation or Hopeless Resignation. Pastor Annika shares on how to ensure we are in the right crowd, as we walk through life.

Direct download: 20191208_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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When we're hurt it's so easy to "take offence" at people, or even at God - thinking that bitterness will help ease our pain.  Yet God has a better way!  Using Matthew 24, Ps Peter Morton shows us 6 doorways which offence can come through into our lives, and God's plan for healing our pain.  

Direct download: 20191201_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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We’re continuing our series on ‘God’s Grand Design’ – looking at the church as a body and family and the part that we have to play.  In this Ps Peter Morton shares on the value of honour and how it unlocks what God has for our lives.

Direct download: 20191124_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Pastor Annika shares how important it is that we are aligned as a body and why Jesus saw this as being vital! Listen to this challenging and inspiring message on why the church is called to be a healthy, safe and loving environment for people to become a part of.

Direct download: 20191117_PS_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Georgie and Arnia share a powerful message on how to overcome walking through the Valley. 

Direct download: 20191110_Georgie_and_Arnia.mp3
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Ps Claire explores the ways that serving is a blessing and benefit to those who serve.

Direct download: 20191103_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton continues our new series on ‘God’s Grand Design’ talking about the vital role each of us has to play in the church.

Direct download: 20191027_Ps._Peter_Morton.mp3
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If you received a prophetic word from Len Buttner on Sunday the 20th October then you will find it in this podcast.

Direct download: 20191020_Len_Buttner_Prophecies.mp3
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Len Buttner shares an encouraging word for the church - calling us into deeper relationship with God and expectation of all that He is going to bring.

Direct download: 20191020_Len_buttner.mp3
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Ps Lyall Carter shares on how we are often told that we need to find ourselves, who we really are. The Apostle Paul tells us that we truly find ourselves in the body of Christ as we are placed in it by God, discover the unique part we have to play, and as it hits home to our head and our hearts that every single one of us are needed.

Direct download: 20191013_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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Ps Peter shares on how we as the yeast are placed in this world with its complex situations to simplify and bring life.

Direct download: 20191006_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
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Ps Lyall Carter shares on how fasting brings clarity to your heart, punch to your prayer, and how you begin to see God more clearly as you fast.

Direct download: 20190728_Ps_Lyall_Carter.mp3
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As we celebrate Father's Day, Ps Peter Morton brings a message on how to find our security in an ever-changing world, and how to bring that security for others around our lives.  

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