The woman came to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ dead body - but the angel said ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?’.  Ps Peter Morton talks about how the way to God is not through our own ways - trying to dress up something that’s dead - but through encountering the reality of a living Saviour!

Direct download: 20180401_Easter_Sunday_Ps_Peter.mp3
Category:Easter Weekend Service -- posted at: 11:25am +13

The cross was the most brutal method of execution, and yet it stands as the most powerful demonstration of love.  Ps Peter Morton shares how God’s love through Christ never stops reaching out the hopeless case of humanity.

Direct download: 20180330_Easter_Friday_Ps_Peter.mp3
Category:Easter Weekend Service -- posted at: 11:18am +13

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. Pastor Claire McLean shows us how to look back, look in, look out and look up to discover your calling and occupy your occupation.

Direct download: 20180325_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 10:57am +13

We don’t always get to choose what happens to us in life, but we can choose how we respond.  Ps Peter shares from the story of Joseph, and uncovers the keys that enabled Joseph to end up running the prison he was cast into, and set the conditions for him to influence the entire nation of Egypt!

Direct download: 20180318_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 9:50am +13

Len Buttner is a recognised prophetic voice in our nation and moves powerfully in the word of knowledge. If you received a word from Len this Sunday, here it is to listen to again.

Direct download: LB_Prophecies_11.03.18.mp3
Category:Prophesies -- posted at: 9:46am +13

Len Buttner is a recognised prophetic voice in our nation and moves powerfully in the word of knowledge. As always, Len shares straight from the Father-heart of God a message that is relevant for His children today!

Direct download: 11.03.18_Len_Buttner.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 9:38am +13

Your life isn’t just an accident or random chance - God creates us uniquely as people, and He puts us in places and positions to accomplish His purpose.  Ps Peter shares about how your the plan for your life isn’t ‘evolution’ but instead it's ‘intelligent design’!

Direct download: 20180304_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 12:55pm +13

Ps Peter Morton draws on the experience of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and shares what it means for us as believers to stand up! Learn about the difference between being difficult, being a doormat and being devoted... and why more often than not, the fire we fear can actually be our path to freedom.

Direct download: 20180225_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 10:26am +13

Ps Sanjai from City Church, Waitakere is the visionary behind the Auckland Prayer Breakfast and the As One combined church initiative which saw over 2000 people come together from churches in West Auckland for worship and prayer. He's a dynamic and hilarious speaker with a burning heart for a move of God and brings a message of encouragement: "Don't just 'make a living' - make a difference!"

Direct download: 20180218_Ps_Sanjai.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 9:07am +13

Ps Peter Morton shares 5 key areas for us to embrace as a church to see all God has for 2018 come to pass!

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20180211_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:17pm +13

God has great callings on each of our lives. To succeed publicly, we must ensure our personal lives are strong. Integrity protects us for longevity in life. Pastor Annika looks at 3 challenges Gideon had to face before he could step out into the victory God had for him! So often we must overcome battles at home, before we can see battles won in our world!

Direct download: 20180204_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 8:53am +13

When it comes to our lives and jobs, having a heart of resolve let's us see the doors that God is opening up. But it's HONOUR that opens up the doors! Discover how this powerful weapon of HONOUR can unlock the hearts of those around your life - and especially the hearts of our bosses, employers, teachers and those in positions of authority.

Direct download: 20180128_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 10:44am +13

Vision can transform your day from ordinary to extraordinary! Pastor Claire encourages us to let our hearts be occupied by the heart of God for the people in our world of influence; that revival begins with us; to serve well -as unto the Lord - AND we should stand spiritually grounded against insecurities, fear and doubt that would seek to sabotage our sense of identity and calling!

Direct download: 20180121_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 1:43pm +13

God has given us a front row seat to His plans and purposes in our workplaces, families, schools and friendships! Pastor Peter Morton explains how it's not just an 'occupation'... it's heaven occupying our occupation!

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20180114_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Occupy -- posted at: 8:40am +13

Your job isn't just what you do to pay the bills.  Your family and friends, your schools and clubs aren't just people that you live with and places that you attend.  You're a minister of Christ 24/7 and God has positioned you for a front row seat to see His Kingdom to advance wherever you go!  Ps Peter Morton brings an inspiring word about how your job isn't just an 'occupation' but an 'OCCUPATION'!

Direct download: 20180107_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 9:22am +13

As we reach the conclusion of another year, it's natural to look back and evaluate... but sometimes our measuring stick needs evaluation itself! Ps Peter Morton looks at how we keep what matters in focus, both looking back and dreaming forward!

Direct download: 20171217_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 1:23pm +13

David & Greta Peters minister powerfully in the area of healing, Holy Spirit power and equipping people to live a supernatural life. If you’ve ever been in a season of suffering and struggled to understand the plan of God, David & Greta have an amazing life testimony that  will inspire and encourage you!

Direct download: 20171210_David_and_Greta_Peters.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 11:47am +13

To reach a place of independence and self-sufficiency is an unashamed goal of our generation – yet for all our attempts to be free of needing others, as a nation we’ve become more lonely and isolated than ever. Ps Peter unlocks some powerful truths on true community – which is at the very centre of who God is – and see how there’s a way to live our lives that better and more fulfilling than we ever could have dreamed!

Direct download: 20171203_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:56am +13

Being sons and daughters of the King means that we have a new identity... we're royalty!  Ps Peter Morton takes a look at what being 'royalty' means for us - both in what we receive and have access to, and what we 'own' and care about!


Direct download: Nov26_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 2:51pm +13

Throughout life, we can find ourselves wearing labels which aren't what God says about us. Pastor Annika shares on how we can step out from believing these things and enable others to do the same.

Direct download: 20171112_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 12:13pm +13

Pastor Peter Morton continues with our series on identity this week — looking at what it means that God has called us to be ‘priests’.

So is the call just for a select few — or for everyone?  Do we need to start wearing ‘collars and flowing robes’ or does God have something else in mind?  Join us as he gives a fantastic insight into what God has already given you, what He’s calling you to and how your world can be transformed as you start to see yourself in a new way.

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20171105_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 2:04pm +13

Sam Twyman continues our series on identity as she explains how the battle for identity is real.  Who is the real me?  How do I find the real me?

Direct download: 20171029_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 11:32am +13

 For many, the word ‘saint’ conjures up images of a level of holiness and purity that is beyond the reach of most people.  And yet, when we come to Christ, God now sees us no longer as sinners, but as saints!  Discover how this powerful truth can radically change the way you see yourself and how you walk in the world around you. Ps Peter Morton brings the next installment in our ‘Identity’ series – ‘I AM A SAINT’.

Direct download: 20171022_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 8:56am +13

 How do we process the pressure of life?  What do we do with the delays and disappointments?  Ps Claire McLean continues our series in IDENTITY, exploring how being secure in our identity as God's masterpiece empowers us to thrive in the journey of transformation.

Direct download: 20171015_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 12:36pm +13

As we continue our series on "Identity" Ps Peter Morton shares how we are 'eternal beings' - and how what we do in this age has massive significance for eternity!

Direct download: 20171008_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 9:01am +13

In this excellent message from our series on Identity , Ps Peter Morton teaches on what it means to have a life that’s ‘anointed’ by God.  It’s not just “spiritual-positive-thinking” – there’s something real, powerful and immensely valuable about understanding what it means to be ‘anointed’.  And it’s not just for church stuff, God wants to release creativity, innovation and wisdom into our everyday life by the anointing that He gives us!

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20171001_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 10:50am +13

If you received a prophetic word from Len Buttner on Sunday the 17th of September, listen again and remind yourself of the awesome promises of God and His amazing plan for your life!

Direct download: 17.09.17_Len_Buttner_Prophesies.mp3
Category:Prophesies -- posted at: 12:26pm +13

We're continuing with our life-changing series on identity this Sunday, with Ps Peter Morton sharing the powerful reality of what it means for us to be ambassadors for Christ!

Direct download: 20170924_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 12:19pm +13

Len Buttner is a recognized prophetic voice in our nation and brings powerful words of knowledge and insight. Be inspired by his message for us to take up and walk in our mantle.

Direct download: 20170917_Len_Buttner.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 3:25pm +13

Continuing our series on IDENTITY, Ps Claire explores how we can keep focused on the reality of what God says instead of trading it away for other things.

Direct download: 20170910_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 10:41am +13

What a Good Father God we have - who provides for and delights in us! Four inspiring messages from River-dads share their take on being a father and how it relates to our Heavenly Daddy.

Direct download: 20170903_Fathers_Day.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 11:37am +13

Symon and Kristy Drake pastor Renew Church in Whangarei. He has an excellent gift of wisdom and teaching combined with a terrific sense of humor! Symon unfolds the parable of The Sower - focusing on the different types of soil and challenges us to cultivate our hearts to yield hundred-fold harvests!

Direct download: 20170827_Ps_Symon_Drake.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 12:52pm +13

We're continuing our series on "identity" - this time Ps Peter Morton explores how the new identity that God has given us affects, changes and brings out our true personality.  No more excuses!

Direct download: 20170813_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Identity -- posted at: 11:35am +13

Tim Stevenson is the Senior Pastor of Horizon Church in Ellerslie and has a real ministry bringing people and churches into powerful encounters with God with signs and wonders. In this message, Pastor Tim challenges us to declare our identity in Christ - and live it out!

Direct download: 20170806_Tim_Stevenson.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 1:33pm +13

Did you know that in Christ you're a NEW CREATION?!  The old has gone and the new has come!  But what does that actually mean for us, how does it change the way we see ourselves, and how we relate to one another. Listen in to another great teaching by Pastor Peter, and learn the new motto: "I am not my dog!"

Direct download: 20170730_New_Creation.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 11:16am +13

James Anson is the Pastor of Faithpointe church in West Auckland and is a dynamic preacher with a real heart to mobilize the church for evangelism and missions. Be challenged through this message: How are you managing your time, talents and treasure in the light of Eternity?

Direct download: 20170723_Ps_James_Anson.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 11:09am +13

God has chosen you to reach out to your world. Be encouraged by our awesome Youth Pastor, Claire McLean, to leave your past, present and perceptions at the foot of the cross and walk in the freedom Jesus gives you!

Direct download: 20170716_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 12:32pm +13

God has placed us in this time and place to influence the world around us for Him.  But how do we make the connection?  Ps Peter Morton looks at how favour and 'servantheartedness' work together to open opportunities in the places we're called to live and minister.

Direct download: 20170709_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Touch Your World -- posted at: 11:20am +13

Kevin Forlong  is a visionary and pastor with over 40 years experience in both church and corporate leadership, and he's passionate about bringing wisdom and prophetic insight that empowers and inspire people to walk in their full potential and endure the journey God has set before them.

Direct download: 20170702_Kevin_Forlong.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 11:49am +13

We all need supernatural peace in our life.  Sam Twyman  explores what the Bible has to say about the power of supernatural peace for a better life, healing and authority.

Direct download: 20170625_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Philippians -- posted at: 2:34pm +13

In Part 5 of our series on the book of Philippians, Pastor Peter encourages us to Press On - no matter what the circumstance!

Direct download: 20170618_Press_On.mp3
Category:Philippians -- posted at: 11:32am +13

If you were one of the blessed individuals to receive a personal word of encouragement from the Lord through Ps Wayne on Sunday, the 11th of June, remind yourself of the awesome promises and wonderful future God has in store for you!

Direct download: Wayne_Peat_Prophesies_110617.mp3
Category:Prophesies -- posted at: 11:44am +13

 In today's world, it can be challenging to have peace of mind. Be inspired by  Ps Wayne Peat (Senior Pastor of C3 Howick) as he ministers with power, wisdom and a great sense of humour, encouraging us to break that bondage of fear.

Direct download: 20170611_Ps_Wayne_Peat.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 11:30am +13

Pastor Peter continues with our Philippians series talking about the 'Path To Promotion'!  There are many people peddling their secrets to success, but there's only one person who's got the 'name above every name', only one 'King of Kings' and 'Lord of Lords'!  God was pleased to promote Jesus, and he's ready to promote us too... IF we put ONE key into practice.

Direct download: 20170604_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Philippians -- posted at: 2:12pm +13

What does it really mean:"to live is Christ"?

In Part 3 in our series on the book of Philippians , Ps Claire explains how we can live in the real world with a heavenly perspective and purpose.

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20170528_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Philippians -- posted at: 1:47pm +13

In part 2 of our series on the book of Philippians, Pastor Peter Morton challenges us to resist opening those doors of drama, after all: "What does it Matter?"

Direct download: 20170521_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Philippians -- posted at: 12:08pm +13

This Mothers Day, Pastor Annika shares a message from her heart. Be inspired and encouraged with practical tips, to help Mums on this incredible journey in life.

Direct download: 20170514_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Mother's Day -- posted at: 12:05pm +13

In our new series over May and June we’re unpacking the book of Philippians and seeing the powerful messages and wisdom for today that this ancient book has to bring us! In Part 1, Pastor Peter Morton encourages us to look at people and circumstances differently - through our love-glasses - and see them as God sees them!

Download this episode to listen later!
Direct download: 20170507_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:23pm +13

 Not only is Andrew Martin the Sr. pastor from Valley Road International Church, but he is also a Bible College lecturer and brings amazing insights from the Word of God alongside his passion to see the church move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Direct download: 20170430_ps_Andrew_Martin.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 2:12pm +13

In the final part of our series on 'Hearing The Voice Of God' - Ps Peter shares a perspective on understanding God's will that many people overlook.  Gifts...Sacrifice...Blessing! What a life-changing message!

Direct download: 20170423_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Is That You God? -- posted at: 2:06pm +13

Three fundamental, and life-changing truths were spoken by the angel on that third-day! Be inspired as Pastor Peter Morton shares the deeper message within those truths.

Direct download: Easter_Sunday_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Easter Weekend Service -- posted at: 12:11pm +13

Pastor Peter Morton delivers a message of deliverance that hits close to home. Be encouraged knowing your debt has been paid in full!

Direct download: Good_Friday_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Easter Weekend Service -- posted at: 11:59am +13

Len Buttner carries a strong Prophetic anointing and encourages the church to go deeper with God and move those mountains to make way for the Kingdom!

Direct download: 20170409_Len_Buttner.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 9:09am +13

Len Buttner has a powerfully accurate prophetic gift, and brings encouragement and clarity through his ministry.

Direct download: 090417_LB_Prophesies.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 8:47am +13

Ps Peter Morton brings the next installment in our ‘Is That You God' series on “Angels”. What are the truths and myths about angels, what do they do, and what is their place in the purposes of God for today?

Direct download: 20170402_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Is That You God? -- posted at: 2:14pm +13

Prophecy is part of normal Kingdom life. We can all prophesy. This Sunday we look at the process of prophecy, there are simple steps to follow to get a word for someone. Sam Twyman explains how easy it really is.

Direct download: 20170326_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Is That You God? -- posted at: 10:40am +13

Ps Peter Morton starts us off in our new series on hearing the voice of God!

Direct download: 20170319_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Is That You God? -- posted at: 9:14am +13

In the final part of our series on prayer - Ps Peter Morton looks at 'keeping the connection alive'!

Direct download: 20170312_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Enjoyable and Effective Prayer -- posted at: 8:56am +13

Pastor Peter continues our series on Enjoyable and Effective Prayer with this practical explanation through the different stages of prayer.

Direct download: 20170305_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Enjoyable and Effective Prayer -- posted at: 12:57pm +13

Ps Annika  continues our series on Enjoyable and Effective prayer. It's faith building and exciting when we pray and God moves swiftly. But what about when God seems silent? What do we do when our prayers don't seem to be heard? Annika explains how we should respond and never give up!

Direct download: 20170226_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Enjoyable and Effective Prayer -- posted at: 11:28am +13

Ps Paul Saunders from Grace Church, is a fantastic preacher with a prophetic edge and always brings a timely message for the church. Unraveling an age-old riddle from Judges, Paul puts the account of Samson and his encounter with the lion into such a revelatory perspective!

Direct download: 20170219_Ps_Paul_Saunders.mp3
Category:guest speaker -- posted at: 11:13am +13

Join us for a powerful morning of worship, vision and anointing as we 'lift off' for the new year! Ps Peter will begin our new series on 'Powerful Effective Prayer'!

Direct download: 20170212_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Enjoyable and Effective Prayer -- posted at: 1:06pm +13

 Sam Twyman challenges us to be faithful with what God has entrusted to us and explore what stops us from making the most of what we have been given.

Direct download: 20170205_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 10:12am +13

The Bible calls us to 'guard our hearts' because our actions and direction flow out from what's going on in our heart. Be encouraged with Ps Annika Morton speaking into this vital area of our lives.

Direct download: 20170129_104911_Annika_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 1:33pm +13

Ps Peter Morton shares a vital key for staying in the will, presence and blessing of God this year.

Direct download: 20170122_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 12:48pm +13

A new year is filled with new possibilities.  Ps Claire explores some the ways that we can maximize our influence and growth, making the most of the opportunities God has for us this year.

Direct download: 20170115_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 1:11pm +13

In our first church service for 2017, Ps Peter Morton speaks on 'Moving Mountains' and how to get victory in the struggle areas of your life. With God, all things are possible!

Direct download: 20170108_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 10:06am +13

For our last Sunday service of 2016 , Ps Peter shares what's ahead next year for us as a church and challenges us to "dance".

Direct download: 20161218_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 11:25am +13

Sam Twyman brings our next installment of our current series - "Welcome To The Family". How do we live 'compelled by love'? There may be many reasons why we live for God, and sometimes it can seem like hard work. But when we allow love to motivate us everything changes!

Direct download: 20161211_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 1:43pm +13

In this message of our current series – “Welcome To The Family” –Ps Peter Morton looks at one of the most powerful ways that we can demonstrate love to others both in the church and in our lives…. through “keeping our word”.

Direct download: 20161204_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 12:03pm +13

Ps Peter Morton brings our next installment of our current series – “Welcome To The Family”. One of the things that we value as a church is passion and zeal for the things of God. How do we keep our spiritual fervor strong in a world that often drains the life from us?

Direct download: 20161127_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 11:52am +13

Ps Claire continues our series WELCOME TO THE FAMILY by pulling it back to look discovering passion and purpose as an individual, and then how that can be used by God for amazing things in the family.

Direct download: 20161120_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 11:49am +13

Sam Twyman brings our next installment of our current series - "Welcome To The Family". We may not all be firstborn sons, but positionally that's our status in God! This Sunday we will explore both the privileges and responsibilities that come with "sonship"!

Direct download: 20161113_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 2:19pm +13

Ps Peter Morton continues with our current series – “Welcome To The Family”. What kind of culture do we need to develop both in our lives and in our church in order to make a great atmosphere that God is pleased to dwell in?

Direct download: 20161106_Ps_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 1:28pm +13

Ps Claire McLean brings our next installment of our current series - "Welcome To The Family" exploring what it looks like to develop the family resemblance and create a culture that reflects our values and passions.

Direct download: 20161030_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 10:16am +13

In this session of  "Welcome To The Family",  Ps Peter speaks on relationships, conflict and fighting 'for' people instead of fighting 'against' them.  An awesome message with biblical tools and strategies for everyone!

Direct download: 20161023_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 9:02am +13

This Sunday we kick off our new series ‘Welcome To The Family’!  God never designed the church to a machine or a corporation – but rather a family, a living entity that brings life to those who are a part of it, and to everyone who is around it!

Direct download: 20161016_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Welcome to the Family -- posted at: 9:43am +13

God has called us all to be leaders - in society, in our workplace, our schools, our homes and our relationships.  But what are the qualities of a great leader?  Join us this Sunday morning as Ps Peter Morton shares leadership and life keys from the life of King David.

Direct download: 20161008_am_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Sunday Morning -- posted at: 11:59am +13

In Andy Piggott's Conference elective, he shares with us a dynamic message on how to keep our spiritual fire alive and burning with a passion for His kingdom.

Direct download: Andy_Piggott_Elective.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 10:53am +13

In this Rise Again Conference elective, Tim shares from personal experience some Godly insights to practical parenting.

Direct download: Tim_Stevenson_-_Parenting.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 10:16am +13

Len Buttner gave several people an encouraging rhema word from the Lord on this last night of Rise Again Conference.

Direct download: 20160918_Prophesies.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 8:53am +13

Pastor Peter gives encouraging words for individuals in the church.

Direct download: 02102016__Prophesies.mp3
Category:Access All Areas -- posted at: 1:46pm +13

Pastor Peter is back from holiday and shares revelation truths from Psalm 73. Amidst hopeless confusion and seemingly unjust prosperity, Understanding comes when we spend time in His Presence -  when we seek His Face in His Sanctuary.

Direct download: 20161002_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Access All Areas -- posted at: 12:35pm +13

Len Buttner challenges us with awareness to End Time events.
Direct download: 20160918_Len_Buttner.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 11:11am +13

In this elective from Rise Again Conference, Len shares valuable experience and knowledge on keeping a kingdom-perspective in business.

Direct download: 20160917_Len_Buttner_Business_Elective.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 12:28pm +13

Pastor Tim Stevenson of Horizon Church in Ellerslie shares a prophetic dream for the church, encouraging us all to press in to the anointing God has on His church.

Direct download: 20160917_Tim_Stevenson.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 11:55am +13

Pastor Andy Piggott of Bethel Church, Whangarei, challenges us in this Saturday morning message with Ephesians 1:17-18! Powerful!
Direct download: 20160917_Andy_Piggott.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 1:23pm +13

Continuing the series ACCESS ALL AREAS Ps Claire explores how we can open our eyes to the reality of God's greatness and stand strong in the middle of the battle.

Direct download: 20160925_Ps_Claire_McLean.mp3
Category:Access All Areas -- posted at: 12:20pm +13

Pastor Andy Piggott from Bethel Church in Whangarei kicks off the Rise Again Conference with a powerful message from the Father - a reminder of who we are, because of who's we are!

Direct download: 20160916_HPC_Andy_Piggott.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 12:10pm +13

Continuing with the "Rise Again" theme of His Presence Conference, Pastor Peter Morton reassures us that even in the midst of our trials: GOD IS GOOD AND THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

Direct download: 20160918_AM_Peter_Morton.mp3
Category:Rise Again - Conference -- posted at: 1:22pm +13

Sam Twyman brings our next part of our series ‘Access All Areas’.  Each of us has territory that God has given us to claim.  Before we can do that we need to take our inner territory.  This Sunday we will explore how to give God access to areas of our lives where the enemy has a foothold.  It is time to claim our territory!

Direct download: 20160911_Sam_Twyman.mp3
Category:Access All Areas -- posted at: 9:56am +13

In this Sunday's  special Father's Day service, Pastor Peter  explains how GROWTH occurs from EMBRACING the HEAT, rather than trying to avoid it.

Direct download: 20160904_Fathers_Day.mp3
Category:Father's Day -- posted at: 11:47am +13

Ps Annika Morton brings the next part of our series 'Access All Areas' - in order to access all that God has for us, we have to first let Him access all the areas of our lives.  Annika looks at the five big areas that we need to hand over to God.

Direct download: 20160821_Ps_Annika_Morton.mp3
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Ps Peter Morton brings our next part of our series ‘Access All Areas’.  One of the biggest keys to understanding all that God has given us is accepting the new identity we have been given in Christ.  We are ‘sons’, not ‘slaves’ and God is our ‘Father’.  This change makes the world of difference for our lives and all that we do!

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Ps Tim Stevenson from Horizon Church is passionate about the Kingdom of God, he loves to lead people into a real encounter with the Holy Spirit, and he has many great testimonies and first-hand accounts of miracles, signs and wonders.

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We're beginning our brand new series called 'Access All Areas'.  Ps Peter kicks it off - talking about 'Being Filled With The Holy Spirit'.  It's a game-changer!  

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 From a background of having pastored and grown great churches in New Zealand and Australia, Kevin Forlong brings great wisdom and testimony of how the application of Biblical principles and promises can transform our daily lives. 

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We’re continuing our great series on ‘Revealing Jesus’ – delving particularly into some of the parts of the Old Testament that Christians often avoid, and showing just how powerfully these books point to our Living Savior.

 Sam Burge unpacks Leviticus 10 and looks at the ‘fire of God’ and the importance of keeping the ‘real thing’ burning in our lives!

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We’re continuing our great series on ‘Revealing Jesus’ , Ps Annika Morton takes us into the book of Esther.
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How can you identify when you’re living in a ‘toxic environment’ – an unhealthy culture that’s making you sick?  You find them in relationships, workplaces… and sadly even churches! But there’s hope in every situation and God’s Word can give us clarity around knowing when to STAY and when to GO.

If you’re in a situation like this, have come out of one, or know someone who’s going through one – don’t miss this Sunday morning! It’s going to be a life-changer!

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