Being sons and daughters of the King means that we have a new identity... we're royalty!  Ps Peter Morton takes a look at what being 'royalty' means for us - both in what we receive and have access to, and what we 'own' and care about!


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Throughout life, we can find ourselves wearing labels which aren't what God says about us. Pastor Annika shares on how we can step out from believing these things and enable others to do the same.

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Pastor Peter Morton continues with our series on identity this week — looking at what it means that God has called us to be ‘priests’.

So is the call just for a select few — or for everyone?  Do we need to start wearing ‘collars and flowing robes’ or does God have something else in mind?  Join us as he gives a fantastic insight into what God has already given you, what He’s calling you to and how your world can be transformed as you start to see yourself in a new way.

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Sam Twyman continues our series on identity as she explains how the battle for identity is real.  Who is the real me?  How do I find the real me?

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 For many, the word ‘saint’ conjures up images of a level of holiness and purity that is beyond the reach of most people.  And yet, when we come to Christ, God now sees us no longer as sinners, but as saints!  Discover how this powerful truth can radically change the way you see yourself and how you walk in the world around you. Ps Peter Morton brings the next installment in our ‘Identity’ series – ‘I AM A SAINT’.

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 How do we process the pressure of life?  What do we do with the delays and disappointments?  Ps Claire McLean continues our series in IDENTITY, exploring how being secure in our identity as God's masterpiece empowers us to thrive in the journey of transformation.

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As we continue our series on "Identity" Ps Peter Morton shares how we are 'eternal beings' - and how what we do in this age has massive significance for eternity!

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In this excellent message from our series on Identity , Ps Peter Morton teaches on what it means to have a life that’s ‘anointed’ by God.  It’s not just “spiritual-positive-thinking” – there’s something real, powerful and immensely valuable about understanding what it means to be ‘anointed’.  And it’s not just for church stuff, God wants to release creativity, innovation and wisdom into our everyday life by the anointing that He gives us!

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We're continuing with our life-changing series on identity this Sunday, with Ps Peter Morton sharing the powerful reality of what it means for us to be ambassadors for Christ!

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Continuing our series on IDENTITY, Ps Claire explores how we can keep focused on the reality of what God says instead of trading it away for other things.

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What a Good Father God we have - who provides for and delights in us! Four inspiring messages from River-dads share their take on being a father and how it relates to our Heavenly Daddy.

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We're continuing our series on "identity" - this time Ps Peter Morton explores how the new identity that God has given us affects, changes and brings out our true personality.  No more excuses!

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