Jesus promised us life, and life abundantly - but the key to access the promise is to put the kingdom of God first.  Ps Peter Morton shares from Matthew 6:33 and explains what it means to put Jesus first in our lives.  

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Ps Peter Morton shares on the second aspect of seeing God’s power released in our lives - the ‘practices’ of prayer, fasting and giving as outlined in Matthew 6.  Far from being religious exercises - God wants to revitalise and reconnect these practices with power so that through Him we can see His kingdom come to earth.  

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Annika looks at the life of Elijah and how God leads him through a life of faith. How do we follow Gods leading out of a dry place, into the unexpected and through situations when heaven feels silent?

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Ps Claire McLean continues our series on 'Naturally Supernatural'.  God wants us to see our past, present and future through His Supernatural vision.

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Pastor Lyall Carter looks at the story of the storm on the lake in Mark 4:35 - 41 and shows Jesus in all of His humanness, His compassion towards the faithless, and we glimpse a hint at His destiny to become the "drowning saviour".

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Pastor Peter starts our series on Naturally Supernatural by looking at how we walk in power.  Many have believed that purity is about trying to keep God happy. However, the call to live a life of purity is so that we are ready to move when God speaks.

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